PUMA All White

PUMA All White






During the 1970’s and 80’s PUMA were manufacturing shoes and releasing new models at an extreme rate. Many of the models are still with us today, some were never to be seen again and there’s likely plenty yet to be discovered. The All White model is definitely one of their more elusive shoes and although similar to others at the time, they’re also quite different and individual for various reasons.

Confirmed details regarding the shoes production date and intended purpose are not currently known. The shoe itself features virtually no manufacturing details and the box is only marked by the size and article number. Unlike the majority of PUMA’s they don’t have any logo or branding which would usually been seen on the side of the shoe. The only stand-out distinguishing feature is the printed tongue, which states ‘Made in West Germany’.

As the name suggests the shoe is all White, with a leather upper plus a suede formstrip and front toe section. The slim profile and smooth leather of the shoe would suggest that it sold as training shoe. This would explain and justify their gum sole which PUMA used on several shoes of the period.

At a time when all White sporting shoes are heavily on trend maybe it would be an ideal time for PUMA to revisit such shoes from their back catalogue. It’s possibly a sign that the PUMA designer’s from 30 years ago were well ahead of their time, as they could easily fit within today’s market.


Photography: errol

Text: Professor B


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