adidas Milano

adidas Milano



MADE ON: 01/13



Straight out of the adidas archive, the Milano’s were released as part of the famous ‘European City Series’ in the 1970’s (no prizes for guessing their City).

Favoured for their lightweight durability and comfort, they became a favourite amongst football fans in the pre-premiership years and a highly sought-after shoe for sportsters. Over time, their style has become a hit with hipsters and trendsters alike and wouldn’t look amiss down at your local playing field or over in one of East London’s edgy bars.

Like many of the classics, the upper is made up of a timeless suede and supported by a textured gum midsole. Blessed with the iconic three stripes branding, they ultimately hold an athletic inspired look, making them all the more worthy of the gold that has been used for the handsomely printed name on the outer panel.

Who fancies the trip to Milano? I know I do.


Photography: errol                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Text: Phil Danglis