Champion Life 2015 Autumn Collection

Champion Life 2015 Autumn Collection

When it comes to athletic wear and clothing, not many do it better than Champion. For years they’ve been the innovators of classic style while still retaining their core values. For Autumn 2015 they introduce their new line of clothing, they’ve simply named Champion Life.

With a heritage built upon quality, timeless style and comfort, Champion Life intends on adding upon those values with the use of past designs re-made for modern times. The range will include staple pieces including sweatshirts, baseball jackets, football jerseys and lightweight windbreakers. There’s also the inclusion of pants with reflective detailing for a fresh and modern twist. Their iconic and instantly recognisable “C” logo makes a presence across the collection.

Highlighting the new line also is the re-issue of Champion’s Reverse Weave collection, a method originally invented in 1938 where garments are cut on the cross grain and constructed so that any shrinkage would occur width-wise rather than length-wise.

Be on the lookout for the new Champion Life collection to start landing in retailers from August.


Text: Professor B