COS Spring/Summer 2015

COS Spring/Summer 2015

What was once an unimaginable juxtaposition, has now become one of the hottest, most desirable trends of the last fashion decade. Yes, we are talking about “Athleisure”, where athletic and leisure apparel meet!

With high street and high fashion brands competing fiercely to get the consumer’s love and attention, the COS Spring/Summer 2015 collection has effortlessly secured itself a place as one of the strongest contestants in the market. And it really is easy to see why, when every piece in the collection represents the ethos of sports-luxe at its very best.

The whole assemblage features COS trademark minimalist aesthetics and clinically sharp tailoring, ranging from luscious cotton twill shorts and crisp architectural shirts to elegantly deconstructed light weight mac jackets, ready to be complemented with sumptuous urban caps and functional stylish bags.

“At Cos, we want to propose a style inspired by architecture, graphics, design and arts. To play with volume and proportion, rather than follow fashion trends. We have always hoped to create styles that last beyond the season,” said design manager Karin Gustaffson

Since the Swedish brand COS (Collection of Style) launched in the UK, back in 2007, it was clear that this was not going to be just another ordinary clothes store. Its distinctive artistic orientation teamed with an exquisite use of fine materials and precise tailoring at affordable prices, has made the company a rare gem among the high street department stores.

“We’ve been told that customers see us as filling a gap that exists between designer and high street. I wouldn’t say we have changed the high street, but it feels to us that customers’ shopping habits have changed. They are looking for key styles that last, such as the white shirt, chinos and the little black dress, all of which we have interpreted to fit the modern lifestyle,” said Gustaffson

Labels as big as Yves Saint Laurent and Céline have publicly praised the affordable avant-garde brand. In a recent statement, fashion editor at AnOther Magazine, Agata Belcen declared;

“I’d attribute a lot of Cos’s success to intelligent visual communication. It shares this with labels such as Céline, Comme des Garçons and Acne, who promote themselves not just with images of their products, but by letting us into their worlds with in-house magazines and non-commercial booklets”

With prices between £20 (for a top) and less than £200 (for a finely tailored lightweight blazer), you gonna need a really good excuse not to upgrade your wardrobe this year.


Text: Andrea Ruprat