DOPE Spring 2015

DOPE Spring 2015

As the days lighten and warm, Streetwear brand DOPE presents part 1 of its Spring 2015 collection, which they boldly claim is “Not To Be F***ed With”. The new collection sees them venture in to new bold territories as they draw inspiration from the Punk sub-culture.

As a group of people that evolved from the status quo of everyday clichés, the scene was born by those that chose to modify familiar works to build an entirely new way of expression. With the same ethos, DOPE has presented a range of clothing that aims to defy convention and looks to evolve the Streetwear scene.

The Spring collection sees the introduction of new fabrics and materials to traditional silhouettes, with modified sleeves, cut-offs and unfinished edges. Graphics inspired by iconic groups, phrases, and imagery that embody the rebellious spirit bring a new context to plaids and prints familiar to the line. Red elements round out the collection by bringing a strong contrast to a monochromatic colour palette.

You can view the collection in its entirety and purchase through their website.

Text: Professor B