As the footwear market experiences constant growth, the desire for consumers to keep their shoes looking as fresh as possible at all times grows with it. With an increasing market of protection sprays and products now available, Liquiproof enters with the aim of keeping sneakers dry and stain-free.

The spray solution works by bonding SiO2 particles to the individual fibres of the fabric, this creates an indivisible superhyrophobic coating using nanotechnology, and unlike others similar sprays which leave behind a white residue. The versatile coating is highly water repellent as liquid simply bead up and roll off. Even after applied surfaces remain breathable and look and feel exactly the same as untreated surfaces.

All common footwear materials are covered, including cotton, canvas, tweed, leather, suede, nubuck and satin. You can test it out for yourself by purchasing from their website or select retailers.


Text: Professor B