Pop Riot, Diesel A/W 15

Pop Riot, Diesel A/W 15

Filled with punk-rocker notes, leather, studs and bags of attitude, the Diesel Autumn/Winter 2015 collection is most definitely not for the faint-hearted.

The whole assemblage is an ode to the rebellious and vibrant subcultures of past generations, reinvented for today’s adventurous audiences with an uncomplicated palette of black, white and passionate red.

Behind it, is the Italian-Japanese designer Nicola Formichetti (creative art director for Diesel since 2014) who in a recent interview revealed;

“For F/W 15 I was inspired by the spirit of the wolf. Wolves have both a sweet and aggressive side, and that duality in their nature is key. You will see this duality running throughout the collection. It’s about a group of people united by a shared belief, like a pack of wolves. They are very free. They have no boundaries on what to wear for day or nighttime, what is dressy or what is casual — it’s all mixed up together in a modern way. They take inspiration from different sub cultures and make it new and interesting. There are different moods within the collection but all of them have this philosophy.”

Every single piece in this collection exudes confidence and a lust for life. From the sexy black leather biker jackets to the grunge-oversized tops, there is something for every punk queen to be happy.

The Pop Riot collection is now available at Diesel stores and online.


Text: Andrea Ruprat