PUMA First Round

PUMA First Round






During the 1970’s and 80’s as Basketball was growing in popularity and coverage, plenty of stars were being endorsed by numerous brands. All of the sports companies were making their own range of shoes and PUMA were at the forefront for plenty of them. One of their best models was the First Round. Taking inspiration from styles such as the Suede, Basket and Clyde it was developed specifically for use on the court.

What we have here is the low-top option, but there’s also a hi-top version which provided extra support around the ankle area. It’s not known which came first as they both made appearances in the early 1980’s. It may be the case that they came out together. Some will have their preferences, but both are just as good and equally hard to come by.

Unlike many of PUMA models which stick to being either suede or leather, the First Round had versions produced in both. This pair has an all-white leather upper with a natural suede formstripe, which matches their soft lining. Rather than having a leather tongue like the rest of the shoe, the First Round’s always had a synthetic nylon one.

At a time when PUMA’s production was coming out of Taiwan their quality and attention to detail are of a superior standard. Although similar to other models, they have a lower profile and different sole unit for increased traction. They also feature a PUMA logo on the side.

This lower-top version was only produced for a short time period, although higher versions have seen a few re-issues over the years. In recent years PUMA Japan have used the model to produce some limited Japanese made editions, which although aren’t easy to come by but well worth getting if possible.


Photography: errol

Text: Professor B


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