PUMA Heynckes-Star

PUMA Heynckes-Star






The name Heynckes is one that pops up often when searching for vintage PUMA’s. Having originally gained notoriety as a Germany Footballer and Manager, Jupp Heynckes also had a range of signature training and performance shoes. The Heynckes-Star is arguably the rarest of all his shoes and some may also argue the best.

Jupp Heynckes was a successful striker, playing most of career at Borussia Mönchengladbach and the German National team during the 1960’s and 70’s. He went on to be a triumphant Manager before retiring after leading Bayern Munich to a treble winning trophy season in 2013. At the time PUMA had a large amount of Footballers endorsing their products and a select few were given their own signature products. But rather than just a Football shoe that could only be worn while on the field, Jupp had his own casual shoe that would be worn by the masses.

Manufactured in West Germany during the early 1980’s they feature a Blue suede upper, with contrasting white leather formstripe and lining. Many of the shoes at the time had gum soles but these sit upon a white contact sole; continuing with the Blue & White theme. The PUMA logo is printed on the tongue display its place of production.

As well as the Heynckes-Star’s, there were also the Super and very popular Comet versions. PUMA collectors far and wide are still waiting for a retro for just one of the shoes. There was a hope that when Jupp retired after winning the treble that the occasion would be honored with a special re-issue, but that failed to happen. Maybe now with the Footballers PUMA are now sponsoring we’ll see a Mario Balotelli or Cesc Fabregas shoe in the distant future?


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