PUMA Münster

PUMA  Münster






Every so often while coming across PUMA models, it’s like to discover pairs that previously have never been seen or very little known about them. During the past decades PUMA were known for producing new models regularly for a very limited time, then never to be seen again. The Münster is highly likely to be one of those shoes.

The Münster name is shared by a German town, which is highly likely where their origin came from. The name is also given to an American (Muenster) cheese, which has a resemblance to part of the shoe. Strange coincidence or purposely intended, no one can say for sure. Dated to a time around the 1970’s and Made in Yugoslavia, they appear to be in a similar style to a Suede or Clyde family, but turn the shoe over to reveal the sole and will notice they’re something very different indeed.

Like plenty of PUMA shoes from over the years they share the classic Navy suede upper and White leather formstripe, with a very distinctive gold stamped block style lettering. This is the only colourway some will have seen, so it’s not known if or how many others there could be. The mid-sole has a very unique, bumpy moulded form and a completely smooth outer-sole. It’s the same as which is seen on the Te-Ku model, suggesting it was meant for use on Tennis courts.

Discovering vintage shoes and trying to find out their history and back story is all part of the adventure. There was a even time when PUMA were shoes and giving them just numbers rather than proper names, so the possibility of unearthing more anomalies is highly likely.


Photography: errol

Text: Professor B