PUMA Udo Lattek

PUMA Udo Lattek






On initially looking you may think that we are repeating ourselves reviewing another pair of Puma Dallas but we’re not that crazy. Although they’re virtually identical, what we have here is a pair of Puma Udo Lattek.

If there was ever a prize given to a brand releasing what seems like the same shoe under different names and colour ways, Puma would definitely be the leader of the field. If you’re familiar with the site you may also see their noticeable resemblance to our pair of Puma Pelé Granats.

Udo Lattek was a professional Germany footballer during the 1960’s who later turned his talents to coaching and was successfully in charge of several top German clubs over a 30 year period. During the 1970’s and 80’s Puma increased their endorsements with worldwide sportsmen and in particular European based footballers. Although they were a signature shoes of his they first came out after his playing career.

It’s not 100% sure whether it was the Dalls or Udo Lattek which came first as they were released very close together, along with other similar models. At a time when there was an alternative version of a Puma Dallas also being sold by Puma. But it was this Udo Lattek endorsed chunky sole version which gained notoriety, particularly amongst the UK and European Puma followers. From your football casuals to hip-hop b-boys, they were all rocking theirs with pride.

Their attraction went further than just their deep navy and light blue colour way. Some of their stand out features was their d-ring lace holes, leather moulded tongue, Polyurethane sole unit and muscular leaping cat on the rear heel. The Made in Italy craftsmanship shines through with their robust manufacture, quality materials and attention to detail. A fact proven that after 30 years they still box fresh and completely wearable. We hope that in the near future Puma will recognise their impact and give them a fully deserved retro release.


Text: Professor B