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PUMA Unknown






Over the past few years PUMA have started to re-issue several of their running shoes in numerous colourways, materials and guises. A lot of these shoes originate from the 1990’s; but their reputation for high performance running shoes was established long before this. They were also well known for manufacturing very similarly looking shoes and giving them different names. This shoe falls into both catagories. However, the exact name of this model can’t yet be 100% determined.

Made in Taiwan during the mid 1980’s the running shoe would’ve come out at a time when PUMA moved its factories from Europe to Asia, which saw the innovation of new materials, production processes and shoes. At around the same time PUMA also had a few other similar looking shoes. These included their Panama, Florida and Whirlwind models.

One of the new methods they implemented was the use of Polyurethane (PU) soles, which was ideal for running shoes as they improved comfort and functionality. The midsole of these shoes utilised this with a separate outter sole for traction. Some of the other shoes these resembled had leather or nylon uppers, but these were all blue suede with a white formstrip. They did however have synthetic tongue.

With technology and advances in materials and processes at the levels they are in modern times it would be interesting to see a replica or new version would compare to these made almost 30 years ago.


Text: Professor B


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