PUMA – XT2 ‘Sneakerness’ (Parisian Lights)

PUMA XT2 PLUS – 3M Sneakerness


ART NUMBER: 359469-01

MADE  ON: 06/13



The Sneakerness events are Europe’s largest held gatherings of sneaker collectors, sellers and exhibitors. They occur throughout the cities of Europe, attracting thousands of entrants to each. When it came to the Parisian leg in September last year, there was an additional treat in order as they joined forces with PUMA for the release of a special collaborative shoe to mark the occasion.

Using the iconic Trinomic XT2 Plus silhouette and dubbed Parisian Lights, it was the first time Sneakerness had collaborated with a brand. Only 150 of the shoes were made and sold exclusively across the two days of 6th and 7th September.

The shoe itself used the same mock-up as the Snow Splatter XT2’s that were released shortly before, but with the inclusion of some unique details. With full grain leather Black uppers, they also have black interior, midsole and laces; very stealth-like. The front and rear of the shoe feature 3M panels that reflect in direct light. Each of the shoes has Sneakerness branded on the back of each shoe, with Sneakerness and Paris on a custom tri-coloured inner-sole.

For PUMA to collaborate with someone other than a boutique store, celebrity or designer it was thinking out if the box and trying something new. Although the shoe wasn’t design from scratch it showed their willingness to try something new. Since then PUMA have worked with several other up and coming people for their collabs and long may it continue.


Photography: errol

Text: Professor: B