With a fading summer and cold days rapidly approaching, some of us are starting to feel the winter blues already.

We associate cold weather with endless layers of unsightly winter clothing, spending time indoors, probably in front of the TV with not much more to do. We can’t help but to wonder; does winter really have to be this way?

Luckily, thanks to innovative clothing brands like RAINS, this can now be a thing of the past. The Danish design house, which has been trading since 2013, has taken as a personal challenge to create functional winter and outdoors clothing without compromising style and comfort. And with 121+ days of rain in the fashionable city of Copenhagen, you wouldn’t expect anything less from a creative young company that praise themselves on being, as they put it, “rain wear nerds”.

The brand embodies the famous Scandinavian design ethos of effectively combining high performance and an elegant minimalist approach to aesthetics. Every item on the Autumn/Winter 2015 collection is 100% water and wind proof and it has been tested to 3000mm of pressure, which made this assemblage as indestructible and low maintenance as it is fashionable.

The collection comprises oversized architectural jackets, windbreakers, coats and ponchos, all with the vision to leave plenty of room underneath for your, already existing, favourite wardrobe items. As well as all the above, and not leaving a single detail to chance, RAINS has purposefully chosen a neutral palette of grey, sand, soil and deep blue that complement absolutely any outfit.

It seems that it’s finally time to switch off the TV and go out to play.


Text: Andrea Ruprat