adidas CNTR 2013

adidas CNTR 2013



MADE ON:  -/12



Here we have one of the latest releases from the adidas Consortium inner sanctum, the CNTR or Centaur if you’re old enough to remember the 1984 releases.

Using the same silhouette as the original release, the Consortium boys (or girls) new twist on the classic has made it even sleeker in appearance. This is all down to adidas’s new avenue of technology and heat sealing. Instead of conventional stitching, the synthetic suede is heat bonded to the lightweight mesh upper, giving the impression of a one piece construction.

The simplified midsole, which colour compliments the uppers is available in three variations, red, grey and the navy’s pictured here. Discreet consortium stud branding is applied to the tongue, in the same colourway. The only break from this quite sterile approach is the camouflage effect on the outsoles which seems a little pointless.

These will probably not have mass appeal to the older collectors, as maybe it’s a little too modern for their tastes and will more likely be drawn towards the Hanon version of the Centaur that has a more OG construction and feel, using the natural suede and conventional stitching.

So to summarise, they’re another release with a twist. Although no ZX500 OG Consortium release, they’re definitely worth a look, although they weren’t around for long as they were a limited run.


Text: Mike Stopforth