PUMA Clyde x Crooked Tongues

PUMA Clyde x Crooked Tongues


ART NUMBER: 344188 03

MADE ON: 2007



Back in the mid 2000’s, the PUMA Clyde had one of its most successful periods since their original and vintage days. They had several general releases and exclusive editions coming out fairly regularly. Plenty of which people would camp out for overnight to secure a pair, as they would sell out immediately on the day. When UK based crew Crooked Tongues got the opportunity to have their own collaboration, they definitely made it one to remember.

Formed from collectors, designers, photographers and writers; Crooked Tongues was a forum and web-shop that catered for Sneakerheads from before it was even such a scene or known term. They’re recognised for the projects they produce, some of which can now fetch very big resell money. This is still their only collaboration with PUMA and it completed a set of 3 Clyde’s released throughout 2007.

The first two were designed in-house and this final edition was an open design competition to the forum members, whose winning design would be made and released. Only 300 shoes were available and the chosen winner got a few extras, including their design being part of history.

The eye-catching Orange/Yellow/Grey colour palette sits alongside the other two perfectly and was the best of the bunch for a lot of people. It came with a set of 6 lace options, including fat and thin of the three colours. Other detailed extras include ‘Crooked’ under the logo PUMA stamp and ‘No.3’ graphic printed on the inner-sole. Reminiscent of original Clyde’s they also have their size perforated on the side of the tongue.

The PUMA Clyde celebrated its 40th Anniversary in 2013 and many were disappointed that the occasion wasn’t celebrated in any kind of way. It’s been a few season since any Clyde models have been released, but there’s hope that‘ll change soon as there’s many that miss seeing them on shelves.


Text: Professor B