PUMA The Clyde Easter

PUMA The Clyde Easter


ART NUMBER: 182104-01

MADE ON: 03/06



The PUMA Clyde is one of the most iconic shoes and has a heritage and history to match. Walt Clyde Frazier was the first playing Basketball star to be given his own signature shoe. It went on to be a classic both on and off the courts as it was adopted by B-Boys and and alike the globe over.

Just like all great shoes it was re-issued several times and saw several collaborative editions over the years. The early-mid 2000’s saw some of the best and these Easter editions from 2006 are up there with the best of the numerous pairs released.

The Easter pack saw a trio of Clyde’s in tonal Easter colours of Yellow, Green and this luscious Purple pair. They were all crafted in the most softest and smooth nubuck leather with a leather interior. To this day you’ll be hard pushed to find another shoe that matches their materials. The lining and laces both match the purple hue and stand out even more against the classic Clyde sole. Additional details are added by the contrasting colour within the heel window and embroidered detail on the side, designed by well-known tattoo artists BJ Betts aka Cubanbee.

They were originally only sold at Barneys stores in America which made them harder to come by outside of the States, but they were well worth tracking down. For what is a relatively simple mock-up, the finished product was anything but. It’s a perfect example that some shoes nowadays could look at that sometimes less is more.


Text: Professor B