PUMA Clyde

PUMA Clyde






Walt Clyde Frazier was the first playing Basketball star to be given their own signature shoe and since then the PUMA Clyde has gone on to be a classic both on and off the courts. Over the years there have been numerous re-issues, editions and mock-up’s which each bought something new and unique. One of the favourite periods for Clyde’s among collectors was during the 1990’s. Although very few were released, those that did were some of the best and the Script versions here are great examples of those.

The PUMA Clyde’s released during this period are very sought after, but they’re also very different to those from other eras. They have details which are more accustoming to being found on a Suede or States. When Walt Frazier adapted the Suede to be suitable for playing in, he made them wider around the toe and the sole was no longer visibly stitched to the upper. These have neither, so they have a much slimmer and narrow profile.

These and many other great PUMA shoes from the 1990’s were made in Taiwan. The padding to the tongues and label which wraps over the top are among tell-tell signs for those that don’t know. The tongue label also matches the colourway of the shoe, which is a great additional touch. But the most appealing part of them for most is the gum outer-sole.

They were only made available through the Japan market and such are hard to come by, especially in larger sizes. With their different last, they fit true to size, unlike most which fit half to a full size bigger for anyone lucky enough to come by a pair.


Text: Professor B