PUMA Clyde x undftd luxe 2

PUMA CLyde x UNDFTD Luxe 2


ART NUMBER: 354265 01

MADE ON: -/12



PUMA CLyde x UNDFTD Luxe 2


Over recent years, PUMA and Undefeated have collaborated on a series of wonderful designs. From the Gametime, Snakeskins, and the Microdot packs, they have utilized the Clyde silhouette in really creative ways. One of their more unique designs was the Stripe Off pack released on April 10th, 2011. They picked the 10th in honour of Walt “Clyde” Frazier (his playing number) who inspired the design in 1973.

Undefeated took the shape of the Clyde and actually removed iconic formstripe to create a clean, sleek take on the shoe. Some may feel that the shoe looks ‘naked’ without it, but in this instance, I think it gives the shoe a very modern feel. They also moved the logo imprint to the side of the heel. Another missing element of the shoe is the logo patch on the back heel. Undefeated has replaced it with a stripe of leather in a contrasting colour. With adding their logo to the tongue, Undefeated truly made this shoe their own.

Other considerations given to this shoe were a raised heel and reinforced toe bed to make the Clyde more comfortable. Additionally, an antimicrobial padded insole was added for cushioning. Although this style wasn’t widely available to those with smaller feet, a different UNDFTD collaboration was and I can say that those changes made a big difference in how the shoe feels. They are very comfortable.

While some may feel that they changed too much, there is no doubt that this shoe is PUMA through and through. The white waffle-bottom sole, the silhouette, and the tongue design still say, “PUMA”. Collaborations in my opinion, should give the brand a new idea on an old design and the Stripe-Off pack accomplishes that.


Text: Jennifer Gonzalez