adidas x Crep Protect – Art of Protection

adidas x Crep Protect – Art of Protection

As the adidas Superstar celebrates its 45th anniversary this year, it will be marked with a number of special releases, projects and events thoughout the year. Manchester based artist Virginia Ben was recently commissioned by adidas and Crep Protect to produce a piece of artwork that combined to the companies and was on display at their Christmas Party.

Crep protect is a revolutionary spay solution, which when applied to footwear creates an invisible protective barrier. Once applied it protects against liquids, stains and keep shoes looking at their best. Before being asked to Crep Protect for the art piece, Ben was already familiar with the product.

“I’ve used Crep Protect to protect my art work for a long time so was really excited to work with them on this project – the party was a great success and I’m really pleased with the end result.”

It was the medium of social media that brought them all together as Crep Protect Co-Founder initially connected with the artist via Instagram.

“I’d noticed Ben’s work for a while on Instagram and when I found out he used Crep Protect as part of his creative process, I reached out.   We discussed the possibility of him creating an original piece of art for us – and the Adidas party seemed like a natural fit as we always like to have an element of art and innovation in everything we do. It was a really nice touch to have Ben creating live at the party and watch the piece develop right in front of us.”

Virginia Ben may be a new artist to some, but in his relatively short time he’s received high profile attention for his work. Having previously worked with Liberty’s and Selfridges, as well as his work in stores across the UK, he’ll definitely be one to keep an eye on.


Text: Professor B