Lico made in East Germany





The trainer industry is one that goes back several decades. Over the years there have been various brands, trends, styles and models that have been and gone or faded out of public view. Lico are a company that were once an established market player which fell victim to the big boys when they came to play. During their prime they produced some iconic shoes that still hold up in terms of quality 40 years later.

The company was founded in the early 1970’s and were well established within the football and sport shoe market. They were once the main suppliers of football teams and the likes of Barcelona and Real Madrid once wore their shoes.

These are one of the models they made, which came out around the mid to late 1970’s. Manufactured out of their German factory, they also had other similar shoes and mock-up’s in a combination of leather and suede uppers.

Some people may see the similarities of their branding and look to adidas trainers of the same era. They feature a moulded gum sole and pull tab on the heel, which some of their other models didn’t. The Yellow leather upper is offset by the Black side stripes and suede toe piece. Other colourways of the shoe produced include Blue/White and Black/Red.

They company now has a much lower profile, focusing more within the leisure and kids markets. The majority of their sales coming through online and catalogue.



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