PUMA X SIZE? Wilderness Pack


Following on from part one of the Wilderness Pack that PUMA and Size? released last month featuring the R698 & XS850 models, they’re back again with the second part. This time the set will compromise of the Blaze of Glory & Disc Blaze, which are two the most popular Trinomic models.

The ‘Jungle’ Blaze of Glory’s take their inspiration from the Amazon Jungles and its wild inhabitants. They’re built to withstand the harsh terrain and weather conditions and this is shown with the material selection and construction. A base layer of breathable mesh, with the addition of suede and leather panels that take in the natural textures of the Jungle’s undergrowth. The standout of pink on the rear heel wrap contrasts against the deep green hues of the shoe. This all sits upon a speckled Trinomic mid-sole draws in a multitude of colours taken from the environment.




If it’s not apparent from looking at the shoe, the ‘Mountain’ Disc Blaze is built for harshest mountain terrains. The tough, waxed leather upper is chosen to reflect and endure those hill-top conditions. Shades of green on the cage and Disc System complement the white back drop with a dark brown interior and outer-sole, both of which represent branches, trees, bark and leaves of the forest floors.

Just as with the first set, both shoes are put together with a high level of detail, which not only look good aesthetically but have a justification and reasoning behind them. Each shoe features a 3M tabs and the ‘Jungle’ Blaze of Glory comes with an additional set of pink laces.


Both models are available in-store from 2nd August 2014 at size? and available globally from selected retailers from 6th September 2014.