NIKE Air Max 1


ART NUMBER: 307133-141

MADE ON: 2005



2005 was a great year for swoosh fans as Nike released many great air max’s, the most sought after pair being the iconic Air Max 1 “Amsterdam” in collaboration with famous Dutch boutique Patta and artist Parra. Amidst all of the hype some great pairs were overlooked and it’s this reason that we’d like to focus on the pair that we’re featuring here.

These were dubbed the Ice Blues due to the unique tone of blue found on the swoosh, a colour that works harmoniously with the other colours used throughout the shoe. The fusion of colours almost work together too well and could do with a contrasting accent that could’ve made this kick more memorable.

The upper consists of a combination of quality suede and mesh that back in 2005 was something that we’d taken for granted, along with a shape that puts modern variations to shame.

This classy kick was released by the behemoth retailer Foot Locker and was made available exclusively within Europe as a general release. Its accessibility may be the reason why they never got more deserved attention. Nonetheless this shoe proves harder to find than the aforementioned Amsterdam’s and is a great reminder of the good old days. If you own a pair, consider yourself lucky.


Text: Robert Wasilewski