ART NUMBER: 306345-161

MADE ON: 01-10-04




The Air max 1 is with no doubt one of Nike’s most well known products but this specific Air Max 1 from 2003 dubbed the “Chilli” lurks behind most of what you see on the streets these days.

Let’s start with a crucial factor for every sneakerhead, the shape. There is nothing to hate on here, as most people know, the shape was fine on pretty much every pair of AM1’s prior to 2008. Like most Air Max 1’s these have become more and more sought after due to their classic colourway, quality materials and superior shape in comparison to the modern day variation that resembles the shape of a clown shoe.

Nike’s choice of fabrics used to be something to boast about and these aren’t an exception, the soft white mesh on the toebox and heel panel gives the user additional comfort while walking and is of a higher quality then its modern day counterparts. The same can be said for the black and grey nubuck on the upper as it still looks and feels great 11 years after its production.

The only downfall with the older Air Max’s are the painted midsoles, as the paint tends to peel away, leaving you with a patchy looking midsole. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re done in though, you can always revive them with a fresh touch of paint, more specifically Angelus Paint. So if you have any old pairs that you were thinking of throwing away, don’t. Just whip out the paint brush, get you some Angelus paint, and bring those bad boys back to life.


Photography: errol

Text: Robert Wasilewski