PUMA Basket

PUMA Basket (Made in Spain)


ART NUMBER: 90681-j




On initial viewing you may mistake these for a pair of Made in Yugoslavia Puma Clydes, similar to a pair we’ve previously featured. However, you will notice that these are actually Baskets and anyone knowledgeable on Puma models would identify that as being peculiar. For those that are unaware; PUMA Clydes & Suedes are usually made from suede, as the name suggests. Baskets were their leather counterparts, so to have an original pair of Puma Baskets in suede is a truly unique and rare article.

During the late 80’s as PUMA were expanding and growing as a brand they allowed for some of their models to be licensed out and manufactured from previously unused countries and factories. As there are very few of these original articles around today it was presumed that it was only the few odd models that were duplicated out of different factories.

The Spanish division of PUMA took a slightly different approach when it came to what they produced. As well as some of their own athletic and tennis shoes they also imitated several of the West Germany made iconic models. However, the resulting efforts didn’t always match up to the quality and aesthetics of their Germany models.

The Baskets seen here are every bit as good as the models that came out of West Germany or Yugoslavia at the time. Once you add their uniqueness of being produced in Spain and named Baskets makes them that bit more special. They bear remarkable similarities to those original articles; including their rich navy suede, thin form fitting tongue, spongy inner sole and off-white cotton laces.

It’s the differences which make these Baskets special and far from the norm. There’s the obvious factor that they’re not leather, but it doesn’t end there. The sole is unlike that seen on other models. The front resembles that of a Yugoslavia or West Germany Suede or Clyde, but the rear features a raised Puma logo seen on such models like First Rounds, Intimidators and Invaders. The rear heel window is of a different shape and features a suede rather than leather inlay with no jumping cat and the box is of a different design and construction.

Such examples like these is what keeps us collectors, enthusiasts and connoisseurs on the search for that holy grail and one more shoe to add to a never ending collection. The fact that these are approximately 30 years old and in total deadstock condition lets you know that there can be such unique gems out there waiting to be discovered.


Photography: errol

Text: Professor B