PUMA Basket

PUMA Basket


ART NO: 08906


The year of 1968 marked a significant one within PUMA’s history. It was most notably known for the introduction of the Suede model and the protest by Tommie Smith at the Berlin Olympics, but another PUMA model also made its introduction this year. The Basket, which is its leather counterpart also made its appearance during that year, and just like the Suede it has stood the test of time in terms of both style and quality.

Just as we have come to expect from any shoes that PUMA manufactured in Yugoslavian, their quantity is of a superior standard. Considering that they are almost 40 years old, they don’t look much different now to when they would’ve been initially sold. They’re also still completely wearable, which can’t be said for a lot of other shoes of even half their age.

Like other PUMA models there have been several different mock-up’s and retros over the years. Whether it be a difference in shape, materials, or a hi-top version; one thing which remains the same is that they’re always leather. This always made them a great choice to wear for all weather conditions. Wearers of PUMA Suede’s always want to keep them looking fresh, and would go to extreme measures protecting them from rain and splashes. Such things aren’t a problem for leather and they could be worn without fear of them coming home looking trashed. All that would be needed is a simple wipe down and they’ll be good to go again.

PUMA Basket’s from this era had a much more robust and chunky build, making them ideal alternative to Suede’s for B-Boys to break in. The ‘Made in Yugoslavia’ stamp on the inner sole, tongue label, block font gold logo and perforated size on tongue are just some of the original and vintage details that make these such a rare shoe to get hold of and highly sought after.


Photography: errol

Text: Professor B