PUMA Blue Bird

PUMA Blue Bird


ART NO: 351962-01

MADE ON: 05/11


Anyone familiar within original PUMA models from the 1970’s & 80’s will easily recognise the form of the Blue Bird. It was replicated numerous times across different models. Each shoe carried a different colour scheme which determined its name. The Blue Bird shoe was always Blue and Yellow.

In 2011 this re-issue was released for the first time since the 1980’s, so one could say that it had certainly waited long enough until it was seen in stores again. They were launched at the Size? store in Cardiff together with a range of apparel and accessories.

Cardiff has a particular significance to this PUMA shoe. Not only is their football club nicknamed the Blue Bird’s but the shoe was also the staple footwear of choice by the club’s menacing firm. There also those who speculate that the club’s nickname was taken from the terraces and those that were wearing the shoe itself.

The Royal Blue suede upper is teamed with the Yellow of the leather formstrip, lining and laces. Just like other models of the similar mock-up it has a moulded tongue and gum sole. Original versions of the shoe had slightly different shades of colours but otherwise they’re a very good replica.

Shortly following this release PUMA made versions of the Blue Bird in other colourways outside of the Blue/Yellow they have traditionally always been. Although some new colours of the shoe looked good, it took away from the heritage that a lot of PUMA collectors remain true to. Neither the less, it’s a range of PUMA shoes that many wish to see much more of.


Photoghraphy: errol

Text: Professor B

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  1. Jenn 04/09/2014

    I’ll never find this shoe. If I did I would cradle it, love it, caress it… it would be my baby forever.

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