PUMA Jeans

PUMA Jeans



The back catalogue of Puma is one of the most vast and extensive of any sports company. One so diverse, that there are many articles previously released for what seems was one-off’s or for a very minimal time period never to be made again. The Puma Jeans seen here are one of those gems from their back catalogue that will only be recognised by true Puma connoisseurs as it’s been almost 40 years since their release.

There is a distinct and almost identical resemblance between these and another two Puma shoes from the past; the signature shoes Johan Cruijff & Jupp Heynckes. The two footballing greats for Holland and West Germany were some of the only footballers at the time to have their own models. Apart from some easily missed difference all three models are almost inseparable.

We can’t say for sure, but it’s thought they made their introduction during the mid 1970’s. There’s definitive evidence of this as they’re documented in catalogues of this time. Although it’s likely earlier articles could pre date this, but getting evidence of this would prove as hard as tracking down the shoe itself.

The Light Blue and Orange colourway seen here is the only one to feature an Olympic symbol which may suggest it was used by Athletes at one of the meetings. Other colourways in existence include Light Blue/Navy and also an invert of this.

The shoe features a thick suede upper with a front suede t-piece section with contrasting leather formstipe, rear heel tab and lining. A rubber gum sole compliments the final looks of the shoe. As one of only a few manufacturers to utilise such materials at the time, it shows their quality manufacture as they’re in almost pristine condition to this day. Like other vintage models from this era the style and article details are printed on the inner side of the shoe.

Although they’ve never re-released in this form, a Navy and Blue version followed for a limited time in a different mock-up and also am alternative model called Top Jeans; neither of which featured the distinguishing gum sole of their originals. That being said, a retro to mirror their original design and production is long overdue and one we would recommend Puma pursuing.


Photography: errol

Text: Professor B