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ART NO: 354883-01

MADE ON: 10/12



Within the PUMA archive there’s a large amount of models which are highly collected and linked to specific cultures and groups. The 80’s Casual and Terraced are well renowned within the UK for their love of trainers and clothing. One of the PUMA shoes they’re known to love is the Blue Star.

In 2012 these were released along with the second PUMA Shadow Society project. For a project which prided itself on shoes being designed by selected individuals, it’ not known why these were part of it as they were a re-issue of the originals. If it wasn’t for the the lace bag with adorned with the Shadow Society logo, one may not have known of the connection.

The Blue Star originated from the late 1970’s and early 80’s and the name reflects its Blue and White colourway. Some of the early versions of the shoe had slightly different shades, but the colour scheme remained the same.

The Blue suede used for this retro had a thick and textured nap, which was likely used or give the shoe an original and vintage look. This was in contrast to the smooth leather of the formstrip, tongue and inner lining, all of which sat upon a gum sole. The gold stamped logo also features the original Dalser logo as seen on West Germany made versions of a Puma cat jumping through a letter D.

When they went on sale it was for the first time since the 1980’s out and some would say that they didn’t receive the publicity and marketing they deserved. But for those that had been waiting for them to make a long awaited return were then easily able to purchase them. Whether It was to sit alongside their vintage pairs or because they were never able to previous come by them before.


Photography: errol

Text: Professor B


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