PUMA Blue Star Made In Italy

PUMA Blue Star






If you look through the PUMA archive or through original models long enough it’s highly likely to come across some anomalies and pairs which were previously unknown about. This would be one of those occasions. A vintage pair of Blue Star’s isn’t too much out of the ordinary for most PUMA connoisseurs, but that’s where any similarities end. This particular pair is of a different shade to any other known pair and they’re made in Italy. 
The Blue Star is a training shoe from the 1970’s and 80’s which became very popular for its style and comfort when worn casually. It shares the same construction as it’s PUMA cousin the Red Star. When first release they were made in either West Germany or Yugoslavia and that’s how it remained as they were never re-issued for almost 30 years.
PUMA produced quite a few different styles from their Italy factories during the 1980’s, including the Dallas, Gold Fit and Roma. As to be expected with any shoes or garments from Italy, everything that came out from there was of a high quality. However, it wasn’t thought that the Blue Star was also one of those models that made there.
The upper of the shoe which was usually a rich Royal Blue was changed for a paler shade. The White leather formstrip and liner remained the same, as did the gum sole. Other details such as the tongue, logo and inner-sole were also left untouched. 
If it’s possible that these 30 year old shoes can be unearthed that previously unknown about, one can only wonder how many other examples there could possibly be just like it.


Photography: errol

Text: Professor B


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