ART NO: 344293-02

MADE ON: 10/06



There’s no doubting the impact Size? have within the sneaker industry. Not only within the UK but across the globe. With several stores spread throughout the Nation, including a recently opened concession in Harrods as well as a store in Paris, it won’t be long until there’s more in other countries. Back in 2006 when they collaborated with PUMA to work within one of their first collaborative shoes, it was an easy decision of theirs to select the States.

At the time there had been numerous Suede and Clyde special edition mock-up’s selling out quickly, so it would have been easy to continue with successful bandwagon. But rather than that the PUMA States was chosen due to its significance to the UK scene.

The pack consisted of three shoes with tonal uppers and highlighter coloured formstrips. They were sold only through the Carnaby Street store with only a limited number of each shoe being made. They all sold out quickly but still pop up now and then for those that missed out first time around.

The Purple version was the most in demand from the time that preview photos started to surface on blogs and web forums. The tonal Purple upper is contrasted by the formstrip and lining. There was a total option of four laces in different colours and both widths. On the rear of the shoe, the usual jumping cat was replaced by the Size? question mark logo.

The PUMA States recently got a long awaited re-issue to the general market which Size? launched. When a country has a strong link to as particular brands shoe it’s good that companies show them the recognition they deserve and long may it continue.


Photography: errol

Text: Professor B