PUMA Suede Classic

PUMA Suede Classic


ART: 35073403

MADE ON: 05/10


There are some models that no matter how long they’ve been around or how often they’re re-issued they still evoke the same excitement and interest. The PUMA Suede is one of those models and since making its introduction in 1968 it’s been seen every year in range if different colours, mock-up’s and variations.

During the early years of the 2000’s the form of PUMA Suede’s were stubbier around the toe section and the sole had a curvature to it which put off many die hard PUMA fans. By the time these came out in 2010 this had been rectified and they now had a more slimline form, pointy toe and flatter sole. At this time the model was also renamed the Suede Classic to emphasise the throwback to its oldschool appearance.

In the 1990’s PUMA started to make Suede’s available with gum soles. They were an instant hit and have been a firm favourite ever since. The one colour tonal suede upper, formstrip and laces give them an instant appeal which is topped by the gum sole which matches perfectly. For those who aren’t into bright colourways they’re the ideal shoe and perfect to be worn casually.

Over the years there have been various tonal Suede’s with gum soles. Some of the earlier ones in the 1990’s had padding tongues and stitched details on the tongue and recent issues came supplied with cord laces as an alternative option. What’s safe to say Is that the PUMA Suede with a gum sole is a great combination which seems to never go out of style.


Photography: errol

Text: professor B


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