Puma Suede Classic Eco

PUMA Suede Classic Eco


ART NO: 35263411

MADE ON: 07/11


In an era when environmental issues and the impact that people are having on the planet’s resources, the role that the sneaker culture plays has never been looked at. This changed in 2010 when PUMA implemented a number of new objectives and procedures to reduce wastage and improve sustainability. Included within this was a range of Suede Classic Eco shoes.

The set of shoes released in 2011 and from the outside they looked no different to any shoes which came before of after, thus staying true to the shoe’s heritage and appeal. But they were made and sold in a way which significantly reduced impact they made to the environment.

The shoe featured an Eco Ortholite sock liner made using Bio-Oil rather than Petroleum and the laces were made using recycled materials. The shoe was packaged in PUMA’s new Clever Little Bag which was an innovative part box, part bag storage device. The new packaging used 65% less paper than their conventional counterparts.

The fresh looking Blue/Navy colourway was one not previously made, although similar one’s have been. The selection of bold colours was matched by the fat laces they were supplied with. The shoe was completed by a gum sole which is always well received amongst PUMA fans.

As production and sales are ever increasing such environmental issues may come more to the forefront in companies decision making. But this release is testament that product cam be brought to market in such ways without compromising on the design or quality of finish.


Photography: errol

Text: Professor B