PUMA Suede

PUMA Suede


ART NUMBER: 350734-13

MADE ON: 05/10



There’s no doubting that the Suede is one of the most Puma’s most iconic shoes that had stood the test of time since its introduction in 1968. Not only is it highly regarded amongst the Puma community, but it’s also a staple favourite with trainer consumers of various brands. There isn’t a year or season that goes by without the Suede being released in new colourways, materials or finishes. A few years ago Puma renamed them ‘Suede Classic’ which we can presume was to give them an oldschool image and to differentiate from collaboration or adapted version, but the form and aesthetics of them remain the same.

This particular article from 2010 was one of the first retro pairs to come under the title of Suede Classic. Previous to this the Suede which was being released in the mid 2000’s had peculiar bulky and chunky shape which wasn’t one of their most popular releases. When this reworked edition came out there were vast improvements to the form, sole and colours which went down well. Puma re-introduced the pointy and slim form to front toe section, flattened out the sole unit and gave the formstripe a more natural and uniform appearance.

At the time that these came out Puma were still packaging their shoes within their red box before they switched it to their ‘Clever Little Bag’. The shoes come with both fat blue and fat black laces to suite the wearers’ style. For many years and still up until this day wearing them with fat laces has been the staple style of choice amongst B-Boys, where as those opting for a more casual look would rock theirs with the thinner option.

In recent years the Puma Suede has experienced a recent resurgence and become popular with the general public, seen limited editions released and also their own Japan made versions. For a shoe that has seen endless version and colourways released over the years, it’s a testament to their quality that they’re still so sought after with every release that passes by.


Text: Professor B