PUMA Suede

PUMA Suede






Following on from the Grey/Pink PUMA Suede recently featured, here’s another pair of the same time period and from the infamous Taiwan factories. The Pink/Natural colourway is almost a direct opposite of that pair, which hammers home that with the move in production to Asia numerous amounts of new colorways were born.

For shoes that are approximately 25-30 years old, they’re still has fresh looking from the day they were made. This also shows that not only did they manufacture many more styles and quantities, but the quality didn’t decline one bit.

One may assume that the Pink colorway was for women, but they’d be far from the truth. The shoe was heavily adopted within the Hip Hop and B-Boy sub-cultures who wanted their shoes to match parts of their clothing. So rather than a Green shoe to match their jumper, they’d rock a Pink pair of Suede’s to go with the Pink stitching of their Kangol hat.

This was the first time that PUMA released this mock-up and it’s one that they’ve brought back again over the years. In recent years they’ve also made full tonal Suede’s with sole, formstipe and laces in Pink, thus showing they’re always pushing the boundaries and never shying away from trying something bold.


Photography: errol

Text: Professor B