PUMA Suede

PUMA Suede






The PUMA Suede is with doubt an iconic shoe that has stood the test of time since making their introduction in 1968. There are very few shoes that still have a significant presence from the same era. Over the years several variations were released as PUMA’s factories moved from Yugoslavia and West Germany to China, Indonesia and other Asian territories. One of the most highly regarded periods of production was from the late 1980’s and out of Taiwan.

Previous to being manufactured in Taiwan the PUMA Suede came from Yugoslavia. As the originals, they will always be held in high esteem, but with the production moving it opened up possibilities and improvements that were not previously possible. The shoe was made more streamline and form-sitting which gave it a sleeker profile. The quantities and amount of different variations also increased with the Taiwanese production.

This particular mock-up of PUMA Suede was only made from approximately between 1985-90, thus making them one of the rarer and harder to come by versions. Their more narrow shape when compared to the earlier versions meant that they grew in popularity; especially within B-Boy and Hip-Hop cultures.

One of the unique features of Suede’s from this year is their colour-matching tongue label that wraps over the top to the inside of the shoe. The Grey and Pink colour is a very eye-catching combination and one of many that came about at the time period. For a shoe that’s been yearly seen since 1968, there are many variations within the mix and these are a perfect example of one of many gems produced.


Photography: errol

Text: Professor B