PUMA Canvas Super 340830-15

PUMA Canvas Super


ART NUMBER: 340830 15

MADE ON:  -/97



PUMA have some of the most iconic and recognisable silhouettes of any shoe. The Suede, Basket and Clyde are all classics in their own right, but every so often they’re modified to become a new shoe with its own appeal. The Canvas Super is one such example and as the name would suggest it utilities canvas material.

The Canvas Super model made its introduction in the mid 1990’s and form wise it was a replica of the Suede. The suede formstrip and sole unit remained the same, but upper is covered in a thick weaved canvas material. Several different colourways were made and like this one, some featured a gum outer-sole.

Although they closely replicate the PUMA Suede, it also has some differences that are unique to the shoe. The shoe has a fabric interior and the logos on the side and rear are stitched as apposed to them usually being printed. Due to the thick canvas material the lace holes features are fitted with matching metal eyelets to prevent the canvas from fraying.

Since the Canvas Model came out PUMA have used alternative materials on other models over the years including denim, hemp, nylon and nubuck. All of which have been popular and lend themselves well to the Suede form. Recently the Basket model was released in a canvas version which used a much thinner material to these, but didn’t receive as much attention. This possibly could be because no matter what re-issues get made, people will still favour and seek out the originals.


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