PUMA – Stenzel Coach

PUMA Stenzel Coach






The PUMA back catalogue is full of numerous models and silhouettes that were produced for specific sporting and leisure activities. One of the sports they manufactured lots of shoes for during the 1970’s and 80’s was Handball. We previously showed the Kangaroo skin version and now here’s the pig-skin leather edition for one of the Vlado Stenzel’s signature shoes.

Although this and the Kangaroo skin version share the same design and appearance, their names are different. This may suggest that this Stenzel Coach and leather Handball Spurt ‘Vlado Stenzel’ were not made at the same time and one preceded the other. Made in West Germany around the early 1970’s, they’re of exceptional quality given their age.

Just like the Handball Spurt and other models PUMA made for the sport, they have perforated holes at the front of the shoe and a low profile form fitting shape. The gold stamp on the side of the shoe appears larger on this model, which can be quiet common as they were individually done by hand with different stamps. Another interesting feature is the stamping along the side of the tongue.

Handball may not be a sport that many will be familiar with in current time but great examples such as these in the back catalogue, there’s plenty of PUMA fans who will appreciate them should they ever get re-issued.


Photography: errol

Text: Professor B