PUMA Vlado Stenzel Handball-Spurt

PUMA ‘Vlado Stenzel’ Handball-Spurt






There are some names that pop-up when looking through PUMA’S back catalogue and vintage models. Vlado Stenzel is one of those names. He was a famous goalkeeper in Handball who then went on to be a successful coach for the Yugoslavian national team. During the 1970’s he had numerous signature playing and leisure shoes, and this is one was made specifically for the Handball courts.

Handball has always been popular sport amongst Mainland and Central European countries. Over the years PUMA have produced several specialist shoes for the sport. At the time Vlado was at the top of his game, so it was only natural that once being endorsed by PUMA his own signature range would follow. The same model came in various coloured mock-up’s as well as a suede versions.

Their quality of manufacture is of a high standard considering that they’re approximately 40 years old. Made in West Germany as shown on the tongue label, they have soft full grain leather Navy upper and White formstripe. The front of the shoe has perforated holes which would have aided with perspiration. This all sits upon a full gum-sole with a flat and unique tred pattern; both of which would provide the best traction on the courts.

A unique feature with Vlado Stenzel’s shoes are that they had their name diagonally stamped across the tongue, which is something not see on other models. Even though he may not be a sportsman that many will be familiar with in the present day, his footwear lives on for many to appreciate.


Photography: errol

Text: Professor B