PUMA Fire Bird

PUMA Fire Bird






The PUMA archive is full of models and examples of shoes from their name bear a correlation to their colour and mock-up. Iconic models such as the Blue Star, Red Star and Blue Bird were all popular during the 1970-80’s and were always made in the same colourway. From the same family of those shoes was the Firebird, and just like those; they were always made in the same colour combination. The form of them may be similar to others, but they can be easily identified by their Red/Navy and gum sole appearance.

Before thinking that this is a duplicate of the Stenzel Fire Bird previously posted, look closely and you’ll see that although near identical these don’t feature the Stenzel branding. The previous pair were named in honour of Vlado Stenzel, the successful handball player. Being made in Yugoslavia, these ones would’ve come first, similarly to how Udo Lattek had his name on a pair of PUMA Dallas.

First released during the 1970’s, a later version was produced during the 80’s which was Made in Italy. Their manufacture was of he same high standard but they were paler in colour compared to deep tones of their predecessors. Their rich Red suede upper is teamed up by the leather Navy formstipe and interior. They also have a moulded leather tongue like other models and matching laces.

Since the issues from the 1980’s they’ve yet to be re-released. However, a few years ago PUMA did produce the Blue Bird in colourways other than Blue/Yellow, one of which was a Red/Navy. It’s not sure how or why that happened, as anyone who knows better wouldn’t produce a model in the colourway of another such as the Firebird. So with that being said, we’re still waiting for a (true) re-issue.


Photography: errol

Text: Professor B


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