PUMA Gold Fit 80 Made In Italy

PUMA Gold Fit 80






For anyone that is familiar with PUMA’s back catalogue, they’ll know that they regularly named their models after the colours used across the shoe. This Gold Fit 80 is a further example and although bright yellow, the Gold title is appropriately given by looking at their craftsmanship and details.

This mock-up is one of at least four different known about. The earliest version was just Gold Fit and Made in West Germany, then Gold Fit 80 name and a different version then followed. This being the last of them was Made in Italy. Just like the PUMA Te-Ku model which gained the 80 on latter models, so did these during the same 1980’s era. Although they all share similarities with one another, they also have unique differences.

The casual shoe remains a keen favourite 30 years later, even though they’re hardly seen, especially in such good condition. As one would expect from Italian manufacturing, they’re of a high standard and quality. They feature the same moulded tongue as seen on other Italian made pairs, including the Dallas, Blue Bird and Red Star.

The luxurious bright yellow leather of the upper is teamed with a suede front toe section and black formstrip. The earlier versions had complete gum-soles, but only the outter-sole of this pair is with a black rubber mid-sole. Other details unique to this pair is their slimmer low profile form and the heel panel which features the leaping cat ‘with eye included’.

The 1980’s was a very strong period of time for PUMA, they produced countless excellent models which are still being unearthed and tracked down to this day. They also produced models which stood out against what else was being made at the time. The Gold Fit 80 is a prime example of that and definitely a number 1 pick.


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