PUMA Gold Fit 80

PUMA Gold Fit 80






Throughout the 1970-80’s while PUMA where manufacturing shoes from across various European countries, there were times the same models were coming out of different factories. Even though they had the same mock-up and aesthetics, there were slight differences between them. Having previously showcased a version of the PUMA Gold Fit 80 from Italy, here is now an alternative pair from West Germany.

Just like the Italian version they’re of a superior quality, specially given the fact that they’re close to 40 years old. This pair differs in the fact that when customers purchased them, they were contributing to the German Sports Aid. The information on the tongue and hang tag details that it’s a promotion they were running, which is a nice feature very rarely seen even in today’s times.

The shoe itself has a luxurious Yellow leather upper and Black formstripe. The have the addition of matching suede panels at the rear and front of the shoe. Unlike the Italian made versions this pair has a fully gum sole. Just as seen on other shoes from the same era it features the 5 Olympic Rings, but this time it’s positioned on the tongue.

In a day and age where everything is produced in multiple quantities to the exact same finish, there’s something special and a appreciation for the same shoe coming from a brand but each having their own identity and details. There are most likely to be many more out there, but until they’re discovered use these PUMA Gold Fit 80’s as a perfect example.


Text: Professor B


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