Solebox x adidas Originals Berlin

Solebox x adidas Originals Berlin



MADE ON: 08/09



The first thing I’d like to say about these exquisite and much coveted trotters is that I have never owned a pair but would very much like to, (size UK8) Thanks! The adidas Berlin’s by Solebox launched in 2009 as part of the ‘Your City Pack’ that saw different European shoe retailers come up with their own, modern and individual version of an OG adidas classic.

Just like the Slam Jam Milano’s from the same pack the two shoes have different gold lettering on each. On these the left has ‘Solebox’ while the right shoe has ‘Berlin’. A great design touch and something that makes them that little bit more unique in the world of the adidas aficionado.

Colourwise they are a twist on a reverse of the original colourway of the shoe but using black instead of navy for the main colour. The tongue and inner and heel tab are powder blue like the stripes and heel tab on the OG with the rest being black, not navy, but having a gum sole like the original. There was a choice of black laces to match the main shoe or powder blue ones as a contrast. They’re obviously not suede but, and please don’t shoot me down, I like them better as a result.

If you look inside one of the shoes the original design and colourway is represented in the lining, again something very clever and unique, which is something to remember the heritage of the original by.

In my humble opinion Solebox did a brilliant job on this collaboration and as seems to be their way with the recent EQT release they continue to provide clever, unique and innovative twists on some classic adidas footwear.


Photography: errol

Text: Mike Withey