Starter Black Label SS/15

Starter ‘Black Label’ Lookbook SS/15

For Spring/Summer 2015 Starter present their Black Label Collection which has a distinct flavour and throwback to the 1990’s lifestyle and culture. There is also a major Hip-Hop influence as they take key elements from both the East & West coasts in the clothing pieces.

The East coast and specifically New York’s sporting teams provide inspiration with a range of denim, camouflage and nubuck materials, white the West coasts influence is provided with a selection of workwear and khaki fabrics, that are highlighted by plaid and paisley patterns.

Starter has a rich history that spans back to their founding in 1971, with a reputation of well-crafted satin jackets, jerseys, headwear and sweatshirts. Over the years they’ve had numerous collaborations with some of the biggest names in fashion, music and sport. They have always fused the relationship between music culture and sports within their clothing, and it’s what they continue to push forward with their Black Label Collection.

The collection may take it basis from the Hip-Hop culture, but it boasts a range of classic apparel that will grab the attention whether interested in the music or not.


Text: Professor B