adidas Originals x SPEZIAL Lookbook

In 2013 adidas put together the SPEZIAL exhibition in London with an unprecedented amount on OG, vintage, sample and one of a kind shoe’s. The exhibition was curated and the brainchild of long time adidas devotee Gary Aspden; with the assistance of other 3 stripe aficionados including Robert Brooks and Ian Brown. The gallery was a major success and the name SPEZIAL has since come to represent the very essence of the adidas brand to fans and collectors.
After the huge response from the exhibition Gary worked with the adidas team in Herzogenaurach to come up with a new, archive inspired collection. The adidas Originals x SPEZIAL range will feature a selection of clothing and footwear. adidas have always had a cult following within Northern England and many gravitated to their original shoes and threads during the 1970’s and 80’s, which is the essence they’ll rediscover with the new collection.
Throughout the collection adidas have reworked the original elements of the brands identity to create twenty first century products that echo their history and heritage. They’ve tapped in to the spirit of their key demographics identity and presented it in a new context for them as consumers in today’s market. 
“I am confident it will appeal to the mind-set of the most hardened adidas fans whilst presenting another side of this very diverse brand to a whole new audience.” Gary Aspden – Curator/Designer – adidas Originals x SPEZIAL 

GLOBAL RELEASE: 25th October

Text: Professor B