Weekend Offender A/W ’14

Weekend Offender A/W ’14

British clothing brand Weekend Offender draws a lot of their inspiration from cultures and groups of people unique to the Nation. The casual, skinhead and mod sub-cultures have always been ones that take pride in their appearance, detailing of their clothes and having key pieces fashion.

For Autumn/Winter 2014 they’ve focused on prominent pieces and developed them to be better and more efficient in while wearing. The collection is split into two sections of Mainline and Category A, but both feature Parka’s and clean crisp shirting, among other pieces.

Textured knitwear and fleece garments with contrast stitching will be available. A range of shirting options and two jackets with a useful Kent Comb also make their presence. It’s a smart collaboration for the brand and a convenient accessory usually overlooked. A Kagoule with taped seams in three striking colours and a classic snorkel parka complete a heritage collection with a sharp and modern twist.

For the coming season Weekend Offender have had a subtle re-branding in line with its ongoing refinement. Internal labels and swing tags have been updated, with new colours, finishes, materials and options. All of which give a more polished feel and show their attention to detail.

The AW14 collection is available from weekendoffender.com and its Soho store in London.


Text: Professor B