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The adidas European City Series has had a huge impact on the trainer scene since its debut in the late 1970’s. Even though the whole series is sought after by adidas heads and trainer connoisseurs alike, the most popular model around seems to be the London’s.

Originally released in the late 1970’s in a red and black make-up the London was prominently made out of suede, featured leather stripes and leather heel tab like most of the other European models. The use of deep red suede on the model is what made it stand out from the rest of the series and is probably the reason that the model is so highly sought after by collectors nowadays.

The London has been re-issued quite a lot lately with a few examples being the Size? City Series, the Crooked Tongues Consortium release and the on-going amount of different colourways being released through the JD sports company.

Regardless of the amount of London’s being released, every colour sells out nearly instantly as the slim silhouette of the model has proven to be seriously popular among consumers both new and those familiar to the shoe and the brand.


Photography: errol

Text: Joel Stoddart

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  1. noorazman 27/07/2014

    Hello.. do you have a pair of adidas London made in yugoslavia in size 8 to 9 for sale… like to buy a pair..

    Many thanks

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