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PUMA Madrid






Throughout PUMA’s past shoes are models and silhouettes for numerous sporting activities. There’s also plenty that followed themes of the era they were made. The shoe here covers both of those subjects. Not odd that it was named after a European capital city, but it was made for the purpose of Handball.

Although there have been several models named after European Cities, this appears to be the only one that was specifically for Handball. The sports has and still remains to be popular and widely played  within Spain, which may suggest its naming. Some of Spains world famous football teams even have their own handball counterparts.

Their form is similar to other handball models such as the Handball Spurt and Stenzel Coach. Made in West Germany during the 1970’s, they have a Navy suede upper and White formstripe, with a gum-sole unit. Unlike other shoes, the tongue logo is printed but they still incorporate the perforated holes at the front of the shoe.

Although PUMA have never had a series of shoes officially released after City locations, it may be an avenue they should look in to. There are many shoes which have a close connection with various places. With the shoes within the past and archive there’s already plenty to choose from.


Text: Professor B


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