PUMA Yellow Star

PUMA Yellow Star






During the 1970’s and 80’s when PUMA were introducing a large amount of new models to the market, they named plenty of these shoes after the colours used. It came as no surprise that the names applied to shoes in specific colourways and were never made in others bearing the same name. With other models such as the Blue Star and Red Star, they also made the Yellow Star.

The shoe resembles that more of the PUMA Gold Fit rather than the two similarly looking Blue and Red Star’s. Just like the Gold Fit, they have a bright and instantly recognisable colourway. Although there are minimal product details shown within the shoe, they can be aged to be from the 1970’s and from either West Germany or Yugoslavia.

With design features unique to the silhouette, they show forward thinking and innovative processes even from an early age. Their sole is much lower within the front portion, the collar has no additional padding or support and the rear heel is much wider. Which are details more commonly seen on smart leather shoes rather than trainers.

Their Yellow leather upper, has a matching suede front toe-piece and Black formstrip. With matching laces and a gum-sole that shows excellent craftsmanship and quality. It’s a style of shoe which PUMA no longer produce, but with such appeal there’s hope they may do so once again.


Text: Professor B