PUMA Delphin Made In Taiwan

PUMA Delphin Made In Taiwan






The PUMA Delphin is a shoe that was popular throughout the 1970’s and during that time there was numerous variations made. Those early Delphin’s came from PUMA’s West Germany and Yugoslavian factories and now here’s a later version of the shoe which came out when production moved to Asia. As PUMA grew grew as a company, they opened up various factories over Asia and several of their iconic shoes moved with them.

This version of Delphin came from Taiwan, which manufactured countless favourites in mock-up’s which some still regarded as best. Although it shares the same name, this Delphin has a totally different appearance to those most were familiar with.

The lower profile, with a tapered and pointy toe section is their main difference to the pairs that came from Europe. Like other shoes that were made in Taiwan, the tongue label wraps around the top of the and to the inside of the tongue. A nice detail which can be used to identify Taiwan made shoes of various models.

In this version of PUMA Delphin, it’s not know if there were other colourways produced, but the Navy and White colour with gum-sole is an all time classic, but different to the Navy and Yellow used previously.


Photography: errol

Text: Professor B


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    so how and where to purchase these puma shoes??

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